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IT Consulting
& Services

Welcome! Need affordable and expert tech service backed by 20 years of experience? I'm your go-to in Southeastern Wisconsin, especially Lake Country. Offering tailored, fully insured services for both residential and small businesses, I specialize in computer repairs, technology consulting, and much more. Working with skilled contractors, we ensure you receive top-tier, reliable solutions every time. Dive into our offerings below.

Our Services

Home IT Services

  • Help with various devices and operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, etc.

  • Training on any technology topic or skill you want to learn.

  • Virus removal and scans, backup and recovery, and repair and diagnosis of complex IT issues.

  • Networking and security evaluations, wireless networking solutions, and security and safety services for parents.

  • Custom built PCs, high-speed internet selection and setup, switching from cable TV help, Energy Conservation Ideas, Appliance Selection, Solar Panel Selection and much more!

Small Business IT Services

  • All the services we offer for home customers, plus:

  • Comprehensive IT evaluations and auditing to identify and improve your cybersecurity and vulnerability.

  • Cost and efficiency analysis to help you save money and optimize your IT performance.

  • Recommendations and guidance on your current IT setup and management, including hardware, software, cloud, and network solutions.

  • Disaster preparedness planning and implementation to protect your data and business continuity.

  • Assistance with setting up a new business, including technology needs assessment, sourcing, and installation.

  • IT Project Management, ​Guiding IT projects from conception to completion.

Everything Else

  • Electric vehicle selection and setup.

  • Technology in general selection and setup. Plex, Sonos, Ebay, ChatGPT (AI) and Other.

  • Professional internet searching services.

  • Smart home ideas

  • Getting Started with a Website, ideas on how to use with life in general.

  • Bitcoin and crypto learning. (no financials discussed)

  • Much more!

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